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4120 International Pkwy Ste. 2000
Carrollton, TX 75007
Hotchkiss Insurance Agency

Protecting the Possible

Hotchkiss Insurance Agency has a long history of developing programs for Affinity Groups including trade associations, industry groups and franchises. We are the founders and administrator of workers’ compensation safety groups and several successful affinity purchasing programs.

Hotchkiss Insurance

Businesses face a variety of risk environments every day. That’s why HIA specialists will design a comprehensive business insurance solution with options tailored to your needs. With specialists focused on specific industries, we’ll help you mitigate the risks that are most likely to pose a threat to your company. Whether you have a small, mid-sized, large or highly specialized business, our dedicated team will work to provide the coverage, claims, and risk control services to match your unique coverage and compliance needs. Hotchkiss Insurance Agency offers a wide range of commercial insurance products. Let us present you with a customized insurance program tailored to your company.

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Protect. Build. Grow.

In everything that we do, we seek to protect that which is possible. We believe that by safeguarding ones’ most valuable assets, people and businesses are better able to grow and prosper. With an advisory approach, an ability to reduce complexity and an abiding care for all of those who entrust themselves to us, we deliver tailored insurance solutions that protect you from life’s uncertainties.

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