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1901 Central Ave.
Ste. 410 
Bedford, TX 76021
Child Care CRM

CRM Web Solutions was founded in 2009 to develop and introduce to owners and directors a comprehensive, web-based customer relationship management and marketing system that was specifically designed for the child care industry.

Child Care CRM is the result of over 20 years of industry experience involving child care management software systems and child care business consulting that has been combined with the latest in web-based software technology to bring you a simple-to-use, yet powerful, lead management system that delivers results to an organization’s bottom line.

Child Care CRM helps you effectively manage and market to your leads from initial inquiry to enrollment by providing a secure, cloud-based system that stores your valuable lead information. Enter lead/child data directly into the system or instantly capture it from your website’s inquiry form. 

You and your staff will be able to manage follow-up tasks, track progress and automate marketing communication processes with more confidence than you ever thought possible.

Ramp Up Your Marketing Effectiveness
Where exactly are your leads coming from and why are you losing some of those opportunities? Are you confident that you are allocating your marketing dollars as effectively as possible? Child Care CRM tracks information such as age groups, wait lists, revenue by FTEs, and other industry-specific metrics to provide the data that will answer these questions with confidence.

Deliver More Consistent Messaging
How sure are you that your staff members faithfully represent your brand in every email they send? Child Care CRM’s automated communication processes give you more control over this critical aspect of your marketing strategy.

Don’t Lose Your History, Learn From It
What was your response rate on your Back-To-School promotion from last year? If you don’t know, how long would it take you to find that information? Child Care CRM’s advance reporting module allows you to search through your entire history and filter down to the specific data that you need to make important decisions.

Turn More Parents into Customers
Are you absolutely certain that your director will always ask the questions that most concern parents who have expressed interest in your center? Child Care CRM prompts your directors to get the detailed information that will help you and your staff members tailor your message more effectively.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency
Does miscommunication between staff members ever prevent prospective parents from receiving the professional service that they deserve? Child Care CRM’s secure, cloud-based information storehouse streamlines the information-sharing process across your organization.

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Child Care CRM | 1901 Central Ave. Ste. 410   Bedford, TX 76021 USA | 866x-306x-1985
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